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    Aruru di Varia

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    Name: Aruru di Varia

    Age: 18

    Eye Color: Light Grey

    Hair Color: Dark Brown

    Body Type: Really tall for her age, and is of a scrawny build.

    Appearance: Aruru wears long Army styled boots, and has white leggings underneath it, with a dressy-top underneath a short cloak with a hood. She usually has her hair tied up, and has her ears pierced.

    Personality: She's shy, and can be introverted. She gets nervous around strangers, and likes playing video games, and going on walks in the rain.

    History: Aruru was born in an unmapped village, to the west of Magnolia. One day, she wandered off, ignoring the local folklures about not walking into the Mist. She walked and walked and walked, until she came to a cave, where she met Mara, the Mist Dragon. Mara, amused by the fact that Aruru didn't listen to what she was told, took her on and trained her. At the same time as the other Dragon Slayers were let off, Mara disappeared, leaving Aruru alone. Aruru now wanders as a Mage, looking for a Guild to join.

    Dream: To explore the World, and to learn about all the different types of Magic.

    Magic: Mist Dragon Slaying Magic and some Air Healing Magic. She basically feeds off Mist and Fog, so she's usefull if your going hiking in the mountains late at night. She can create Illusions, but her speciality is her ability of being able to buff up her allies, and of being able to predict things. She has slight Telepathic powers.

    Items: A large, and generally empty, bag.

    Pets: N\A

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